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Creep is a 2004 British-German horror film, written and directed by Christopher Smith and starring Franka Potente in the main film role.


The film is about a young woman who is locked in the London Underground overnight and who finds herself being hunted by a hideously deformed killer living in the sewers below.

Plot Edit

Warning: this text contains details about the plot/ending of the film.

Kate is an arrogant german socialite who works and lives in London. One night she wants to go to a party in order to see George Clooney there. While waiting for the underground at Charing Cross she drinks too much and falls asleep. When she wakes up, the underground is closed because of the advanced night hour and she therefore cannot get out of the station.

Later she is lured into the tunnels of the underground. There she witnesses the murder of several others who were also stranded in the underground, too and is then kidnapped by a monster together with others who also are stranded in the underground. After that they are taken into the sewers.

In time Kate finds out that this monster is a sly, deformed, mentally ill hermit called Craig, who keeps his kidnapped victims in cages until they're dead while killing others if they stand in the way of kidnapping someone. After that he eats them. She also finds out he is a product of illegal activities at a clinic. Kate and the others who were kidnapped are all now in these cages like others were before.

In time, they all are killed, but she manages to escape from her cage in time. Later she is being hunted by Craig who follows her through a labyrinth of tunnels in the sewers. In a final duel she manages to make him admit who he is and uses it to overpower him and save her life by killing him.

After that she also manages to reach the surface again and return to the station she was before everything started. A new day has begun and people begin to use the underground again.

There, because of the dirty look she got because of all she had endured, she is mistaken for a beggar by the passengers of the underground as a man, waiting for the train, leaves a coin next to her. Kate then breaks into hysterical giggles and tears.

List of deathsEdit

No. Person Cause of death Killer On Screen
1. Woman Killed (off-screen) Craig, the "Creep" No
2. Guy Found dead Craig, the "Creep" No
3. Security guard Found dead Craig, the "Creep" No
4. Guy Stomach wounds Craig, the "Creep" Yes
5. Jimmy Throat slit Craig, the "Creep" Yes
6. Arthur Found daed,throat cut Craig, the "Creep" No
7. Guy neck broken Craig, the "Creep" Yes
8. Mandy Killed,disembowels Craig, the "Creep" Yes
9. George Head impaled on spike Craig, the "Creep" Yes
10. Craig, the "Creep" Throat ripped out with chain Kate Yes

Cast Edit

  • Franka Potente as Kate
  • Vas Blackwood as George
  • Ken Campbell as Arthur
  • Jeremy Sheffield as Guy
  • Paul Rattray as Jimmy
  • Kelly Scott as Mandy
  • Joe Anderson as Male Model
  • Sean Harris as Craig, the "Creep"
  • Morgan Jones as the Night Watchman

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