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Creepshow III is a 2006 horror film, that is an unofficial sequel to Creepshow. It also features five segments, but neither Stephen King nor George Romero had anything to do with the film, and happily disowned it. Instead, it was released by a company also known for the poorly received and unofficial Day of the Dead sequel. Although the Creep appears again and some segments have awful computer animation, it is not a true sequel to either Creepshow or Creepshow 2 at all.

Plot Edit

The five stories are played out in a strange, but somewhat interconnected order. They all feature bad acting and horrible special effects, which is why fans rate the movie so badly. The stories are about a snobby girl called Alice, a security gaurd and a radio that can talk to him, as well as a professor getting married, while a prostitute who murders her clients, meets somebody she did not expect to, and a heartless doctor gets what he deserves, delivered from the ghost of a deceased hobo he gave a hotdog to that was laced with poison, and meant for him.

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