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Crocodile (original title Chorakhe) is a 1979 horror film, produced by the Thai studio Chaiyo Productions. The film centers on a mutant crocodile that was created by atomic testing in the Pacific ocean.

Released in other/non-Asian territories by Dick Randall's Spectacular Trading Company, Crocodile exists in several different versions.

Plot[edit | edit source]

What was supposed to be a getaway vacation quickly turns into a run-away nightmare as a pair of doctors take their families to the beach only to be attacked by a giant, flesh-eating crocodile. When the doctors realize the truly destructive potential of the renegade reptile, they hire an expert in hopes of cornering the croc and blowing it to smithereens; however, the beast is smarter than they anticipated, and as the clock ticks down and the doctors move in for the kill, residents of the small seaside community quickly begin falling prey to the voracious predator [1].

Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Nat Puvani as Tony Akom
  • Min Oo as John Stromm
  • Manop Asavatep as Tanaka
  • Ni Tien as Angela

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Thailand poster

  • Crocodile is the only non- US killer animal film and was dubbed in English in the USA where it earned an ire of the American Humane Association (AHA) for it's un-simulated animal voilence during a brief crocodile show sequence where a showman happily lifts a live crocodile for the audience to see before plunging a knife deep into the animal's neck and slashes it as blood spurts, revealing that the crocodile used was either alive or recently killed. AHA attempted to contact the film's distributor, Cobra Media, regarding the animal cruelty but our inquiries were unanswered. As a result, AHA rated Crocodile unacceptable.

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