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Crystal Lake is a fictional small town featured in the Friday the 13th film series.

Located in or near Wessex County, New Jersey, the town of Crystal Lake takes its name from the nearby body of water also named Crystal Lake. However, after the string of murders committed by Jason Voorhees in the early 1980's, the town changed it's name to Forest Green in an attempt to distance itself from the mass murderer.

After Jason's reappearance about ten years later, the town once again returned to the name Crystal Lake for unknown reasons. It has been theorized that the return to the old name was motivated by a desire to attract tourism.

Crystal Lake's most famous landmark, other than the lake itself, is Camp Crystal Lake, an abandoned summer camp a few miles away.

Location Edit

It is often thought by a majority of Friday the 13th fans that Crystal Lake and it's adjacent summer camp property, Camp Crystal Lake is located in New Jersey. But the exact location within New Jersey is unknown but is apparently a very rural area - possibly within the Pine Barrens.

Notable Residents Edit

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