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Cybil Bennett is a fictional character from the Silent Hill film and is portrayed by Laurie Holden.


Cybil Bennett is considered to be a hero to the people of the town of Brahams for rescuing a young boy who had been dropped down a mine vent in neighboring Silent Hill three years before the events of the movie. Cybil's mother dies when she is only thirteen, leading Cybil to denounce all religion due to the painful circumstances of her mom's death. She is an outsider and doesn't have many friends, but she believes strongly in her duty as a police officer. Cybil has a strong love of children.

Silent HillEdit

Cybil first meets Rose Da Silva when she pulls into the parking lot of a local gas station. She becomes suspicious of Rose when Rose's daughter, Sharon, begins to cry loudly about a set of macabre drawings in her notebook. Cybil attempts to ask Sharon if everything is alright, but Sharon tells her she doesn't talk to strangers and rolls the car window up. As Rose and Sharon leave the gas station, Cybil copies Rose's license pad in her notepad.

Later, Cybil stops Rose on the way to Silent Hill, but the distraught mother speeds home, leading Cybil in a high speed pursuit. Cybil's motorcycle is crashed when Rose swerves suddenly to avoid a little girl who has stepped into the road ahead of her speeding car. The crash knocks Cybil unconscious for several hours.

When she comes to, she finds Rose and arrests her when Rose tells her Sharon has gone missing. Cybil appears to suspect Rose has done something with Sharon, and she handcuffs her and tries to lead her out of town. Cybil and Rose are then attacked by the Armless Man, whom Cybil shoots after it sprays her with acid.

Rose runs off and Cybil finds her in the Dark World version of the school, where the two women fight against the darkness together. Cybil and Rose later go to the town's hotel, and then to a church; finally ending up in a hospital. In the hospital, a priestess of the town cult named Christabella condemns Rose and Cybil as witches after she discovers that Sharon is identical to Alessa Gillespie. Cybil helps Rose to escape and then confronts the cultists, only to be captured and beaten. Cybil is then taken to the church and tied onto a ladder, before being burned alive as a witch.

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