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Cynthia Strode, is a character and the adopted mother of Laurie Strode in the Halloween franchise. She appeared in Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween, played by Dee Wallace.


In September 1993, The Strodes adopt a baby girl, whom they name Laurie. They were unaware of her relation to the Myers family, as she was dropped off at the hospital by Mason's friend Lee Brackett after Deborah Myers committed suicide. Lee didn't want the baby to have the stigma of her family, so he omitted her from the records of what happened with the Myers family. Cynthia and her husband raised Laurie in a normal life.

14 years later on Halloween night, She spreads the day getting prepared for Halloween night while Laurie is at school and Mason is at work. Michael watches her and Laurie prepare decorations as he followed Laurie as she walked home. That night she shares a moment with her daughter where they talk of Laurie's childhood and graduating.

After Laurie leaves with Annie Brackett, Cynthia and Mason discuss their upcoming vacation while Cynthia goes inside. Unknown to her, seconds later after she went inside, her husband was killed. Michael walks in the house with Mason's dead body and tries to attack Cynthia who tries to defend herself by throwing whatever she can against him. Michael manages to get a hit on her but she tries to escape and call the police. Michael then grabs her by the neck before she can call and shows a picture of Laurie. Cynthia throws the picture out of his hands and tells him to leave her alone. He slams her against a glass table and snaps her neck.

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