I trust noone
Dallas to Ripley

Dallas Koblenz Arthur was played by Tom Skerrit in the movie Alien.

Biography Edit

He was the Captain of the space ship USCC Nostromo. He was in command of the fateful mission to Earth, which later led to the finding of the space ship and, later, to the confrontation with a Xenomorph halfway to it, which lead to his death, the death of all but one of his crew and the destruction of the ship. On the one hand he takes rash decisions and on the other he hides too much behind rules, which makes him an insecure captain. Still he took responsibility, when the Alien was in the Nostromo beginning to kill his crew.

Dallas was taken away by the Alien while attempting to flush the creature from the ship's ventilation shafts and into its main airlock so that it could be expelled into space.

Director´s cut Edit

In the director´s cut his fate is shown. The alien was turning him into an egg like Brett. Ripley killed him at his behest, when she found him on her way to the escape ship.

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