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Damon Brooks is a character in the 1998 slasher film Urban Legend. He is a student at Pendleton College and the second victim of killer Brenda Bates.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Damon is a student at Pendleton College and belongs to the Omege Sigma Phi Fraternity. He is part of the American Folklore class along with Parker Riley, Natalie Simon and Brenda Bates.

Damon is portrayed as the practical joker of the school, such as when he pretended to have died from Pop Rocks and soda in Professor Wexler's Urban Legend class.

Damon is seen shortly before his death trying to pick up Natalie Simon, falsely stating that he had a girlfriend he cared for very much that died and then tries to kiss Natalie while they are parked out in the woods. Natalie however immediately caught on to the charade and punched him to stop his advances. Parker is seen going to urinate in the woods before being attacked by the killer and strung above the car by a noose. Natalie is attacked by the killer who kicks the windscreen in, scaring her into going in reverse, launching Damon up the tree above and hanging him. Damon then falls down and smashes through the windscreen of the car before Natalie.

Damon's dead

Damon's body is discovered along with Parker's and Dean Adams' at Stanley Hall suspended by chains in a doorway.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Parker suggests that Damon is not dead, knew the myth and planned the whole thing out and will be at either a last fling bachelor party with old friends or snowboarding.

Dean Adams also before his death in the car park, is confronted by Reese who claims she has been trying to locate him and that he has been missing for quite a few days. The Dean however, like Parker, says it is the weekend and he would be shacked up in a motel room.

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