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David is played by Michael Fassbender in the movie Prometheus. He is an android, a David-8 model.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Prometheus[edit | edit source]

David is an android created by Weyland Industries, who goes with the Prometheus to the planet, where the Engineers are supposed to be, the species, that created humankind. They arrive there in 2093. Like Shaw, David has a curious interest in the Engineers and their advanced technology. He serves Vickers without question, but he is also taking orders from Peter Weyland.

There they discover one of the ships and begins to investigate it. He contributes decisively in finding out, that the Engineers intended to wipe out humanity with a biological plague, called the dark liquid, but the plan failed, because the dark liquid killed the engineers instead. After waking up the last of the living Engineers and attempting to speak to it in its own language, David, at first, is at awe, when he thought the Engineer is humbled to meet him, but, as it lays its hand on top of his head, he proceeds to decapitate David and kill the others. After the ship is destroyed by the Prometheus to prevent the last of the living Engineers to wipe out humanity, a damaged David discloses to Shaw, that there are other Engineer-class ships around and that he has learned to pilot them. Therefore she can leave the moon.

Shaw decides to leave the moon with one of the ships, but, instead of returning to Earth, she flies with his help to the Engineer´s homeworld in an attempt to understand, why they wanted to destroy humanity after having created it.

Alien: Covenant[edit | edit source]

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