Dean Adams is a character in the 1998 slasher film Urban Legend. He is the 4th victim of Urban Legend Killer Brenda Bates.

Biography Edit

Dean Adams is an arrogant, mid 70's male and principal of Pendleton College. He controls all on campus and is quick to hush up Paul Gardener's news articles of a killer on campus. Dean Adams himself is easily scared and skeptical.

He is killed after hearing a falling object noise from behind him and, once he turned around, Brenda, beneath his car, slit his heels dropping him to the ground. The Dean attempted to crawl away, but Brenda started his vehicle, which then ran him over tire spikes. His body was discovered first by Natalie Simon at Stanley Hall.

Dean Adams' closest affiliate in assisting him was Reese Wilson, a local campus security guard.

Reckless EndangermentEdit

Dean Adams also contributed greatly to the other deaths as he prevented Natalie and Paul from contacting help by telling the police department that they could expect prank calls from the aforementioned two people.

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