Debbie Galardi is a character in Ouija and the first one to be killed. Why she killed herself

Bio Edit

Past Edit

Debbie was with her friend Lanie playing with her ouija board. She was telling her what to do when using it. While they were using it Lanies sister walked into the room and they told her to leave.

Present Edit

Debbie was sitting in front of a fire place with her ouija board. She looks at the board and then throws it into the fire place destroying it and stands up. As she did she got a call from her friend Lanie. She wanted her to come outside and hang out. Debbie tried to say no but lanie persuaded her to come out.

She walks outside and Lanie asked her if she is ok. Debbie says she is fine. Lanie asked her if she was feeling okay. Debbie says she is just fine and fells like staying home. So Lanie said she would stay home with her. But Debbie told to go have fun and she would just eat some left overs and stay home. So Lanie left and Debbie went inside. She got her left overs and sat down in the kitchen. She then hers the door behind her open. When she turned around she saw no one. She walked into the room and the saw the back door open. So she closed and locked it.

When see goes back into the kitchen and the burner on the stove turns itself on. She then turns of the stove and the lights and goes up stairs. When she walks into her room she sees the ouija board sitting on her bed. She then steps back and finds the eye glass on the floor. She picks it up and looks into it. Her eyes then go completely white. She then grabs the lights from her desk and drags them into the hallway. She ties them onto the chandelier and hangs herself.

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