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Debbie Stevens was a victim of Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.


Debbie works as a waitress at the Springwood diner along with Alice. She is also friends with Kristen Parker. In the movie she is portrayed as a really tough and strengthened girl who will not let anyone push her or her friends around. She shares a sister relation with her polar friend Sheila.


Alice falls alseep in her bedroom and runs to the diner to meet up with Dan, but she falls alseep and goes to the cinema where she is sucked into the screen and appears at the diner in the screen where she finds herself really elderly and Freddy appears and taunts her, he forces her to reveal a victim, who unfortunately is revealed as Debbie. While lifting a dumbbell on a weight lift bench, Freddy Krueger appears and pushes the dumbbell down so far, it breaks open her elbows and her arms are removed and insect legs sprout. Panicking, she walks away and is stuck on a floor of glue, later revealed to be a bug trap. She ends up face down on the glue. When attempting to pull her face away, her face is torn away and an entire roach emerges from her body as Freddy looks in the trap before crushing it. Her soul was absorbed by Freddy and was released when Alice defeated him.


  • FEAR toys and figurines released a module of Debbie Stevens for retail shortly after the horror turn of the 21st century.

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