Linnea Quigley as "Denise" in Silent Night, Deadly Night

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Denise's death

Denise is a character from the 1984 slasher film, Silent Night, Deadly Night. She is portrayed by Linnea Quigley.


Denise and her boyfriend, Tommy, are fooling around in the basement rec room of her parents house while she is supposed to be baby sitting her little sister Cindy on Christmas Eve. When Denise hears the bells on Billy's costume outside on the front porch, she pushes Tommy off and hurries upstairs, mistaking Billy's bells for those of the bells on her cat's collar. Topless, she opens the front door, letting in the cat but also alerting Billy to her "naughty" behavior. Denise slams and locks the door, but Billy breaks the door down with his axe and attacks Denise. She narrowly escapes getting hit by his axe but Billy grabs her and carries her across the living room and slowly imaples her on a set of deer antlers hanging on the wall. Tommy discovers his dead girlfriend and is quickly killed by Billy as well. Denise's little sister Cindy is the only survivor of the house.

Trivia Edit

  • Denise's death is referenced in the 2012 remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night called Silent Night, when the mayor's daughter, Tiffany (played by Courtney-Jane White), meets a similar fate when playing Christmas Eve sex games with her boyfriend.
  • Her death is the golden chainsaw in dead meat’s kill count
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