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Dennis Lapman is a character in Final Destination 5. He is the fourth survivor to die.


Dennis is the owner of the Presage company, being an authoritarian and strict boss with his employees. He does not show much affection for who his subordinate is, being so rude as to forget that Isaac was not one of the victims of the North Bay Bridge collapse.


Surviving the bridge collapse

Dennis is seen arriving at his company in his car, being met by Peter Friedkin, and being strict with him. After boarding the bus for a corporate retreat with his employees, Sam Lawton announced that he had a vision that the bridge would fall and kill everyone. He is annoyed by his leaving Molly Harper on the bus and asks Peter to solve the problem.

He gets off the bus with Nathan Sears, Issac Palmer and Olivia Castle. The Death begins to destabilize the North Bay Bridge and he starts running in despair when he sees cracks in the asphalt. He witnesses with the survivors the collapse of the bridge to his surprise.


Dennis gives a speech at his Presage Company Memorial with the survivors in attendance. He mentions Issac Palmer as wrongly dead, without him noticing it.

Agent Jim Block talks to Dennis about warning him of any suspicious activity taking place among his employees, including Sam. Later, he receives a stranger Peter talking about Death's plans, where Dennis doesn't believe him and thinks he's playing with him .He calls Jim when Peter leaves, reporting his suspicious attitude to him.


Shortly after Nathan accidentally kills Roy Carson with a hook, Dennis enters the factory and finds the survivors of the bridge assembled .Peter wants to know who is next on the list, where Sam tries to remember who dies after Nathan in the vision. When Dennis arrives, a machine's vibrations cause a wrench to approach a rotating band that sends the key flying to his face. Dennis brutally dies, spilling blood on everyone around him.


  • Dennis Lapman shares some similarities with William Hitchcock from Final Destination. Both are the fourth victim to die at the hands of Death and both die with an object that flies towards their head in the presence of other survivors.
  • The wrench flew very close to Nathan's head; closer and Nathan would have killed him. The fact that he killed Dennis, instead, gives credence to the theory concerning the nature of being ignored from Death's list.
  • Dennis would be the fifth victim if Nathan Sears had not been saved.
  • He is the oldest survivor to die in the entire franchise.

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