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Derrick Jones was played by Jerry O'Connell in the film Piranha 3D.

Biography Edit

He is a porn producer and director. He arrives in the town of Lake Victoria during spring break, hoping to cash in on the action, where he meets Jake Forester on the beach and employs him to help with the equipment and show him the best places in the lake with a boat with the purpose of filming there. Jake takes him there with Kelly Driscoll.

He films the porn film underwater there with two girls, who went with him for that purpose. He shows, in the meantime, that he only cares about himself to the extent of even recklessly endangering children for that.

He was killed by the piranhas in a very gruesome way, when they appear. His half-eaten body was then thrown into the lake by Jake as bait to distract the piranhas so he could save Kelly.

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