Detention is a 2011 American satirical horror film directed by Joseph Kahn, and co-written with Mark Palermo.


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List of deaths Edit

Name Cause of Death Killer On Screen Notes
1. Taylor Fisher Throat Slit,Stabbed 6 Times,Pushed Out Window Sander Sanderson Yes
2. Billy Nolan Hacked Up And Decapitated With Axe Sander Sanderson Yes
3. Principal Karl Verge Impaled With Axe Sander Sanderson Partially
4. Gord Killed With Axe And Knife Sander Sanderson No
5. Sander Sanderson Impaled In Bear's Teeth Alien Bear Mascot Yes

Cast Edit

  • Josh Hutcherson as Clapton Davis
  • Shanley Caswell as Riley Jones
  • Spencer Locke as Ione Foster / Sloan Foster
  • Aaron David Johnson as Sander Sanderson
  • Walter Perez as Elliot Fink
  • Dane Cook as Principal Karl Verge
  • Erica Shaffer as Sloan Foster
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