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Be careful what you wish for...
― Djinn

The Djinn, also called "The Wishmaster", is an ancient evil genie that is the main antagonist of the Wishmaster film series. His soul purpose is to grant 3 wishes to the one who woke him and free his fellow Djinn upon the Earth.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Wishmaster[edit | edit source]

However, in order to do so, he must grant three wishes to the person who freed him - unlike most other evil genies in popular culture however, the Djinn can grant infinite wishes to people who didn't set him free and is a sadistic villain who greatly enjoys making people wish things and warping them into gruesome and nightmarish scenarios.

He also cannot be killed (although he can still feel pain, as he demonstrated in his first movie) The Djinn is one of the more powerful villains in horror, at least as powerful as Freddy Krueger and Pinhead - if not more so - his vast array of powers serving to make him a formidable opponent to any who would stand in his way.

However, in spite of his seemingly infinite capabilities, as the Djinn itself admits, it is not capable doing anything through its powers without a mortal asking him for something.

In fact, evidence has it that it is actually incapable of anything without first receiving a wish. If the wish isn't vague enough, he can't use it to kill them until he claims their soul (e.g. if someone wishes for $1'000'000, he has to make something happen to make it possible without immediately killing the one who made the wish).

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