Dollface is one of three killers within The Strangers franchise.

The StrangersEdit

Shortly after 4 a.m., there is a knock at the door, surprising since the house of the main characters is so remote and far from any civilization. A young blonde woman, whose face is obscured by low lighting, asks for Tamara. When told that she is at the wrong house, she leaves with the casual caveat the she will "see them later".

Later, Kristen is startled by another knock at the door, the woman is back, asking for Tamara. She leaves the house without another word. James returns and finds his car ransacked and the blonde woman watching him from afar.

Dollface is later seen on a swing, patronising James and Kristen. Kristen is later hiding in the kitchen when Dollface appears. Admiring the wedding ring, Kristen asks why is she doing this, but the question is ignored.

Kristen is then knocked out later and when she and James awake, The Strangers stand above them, and they claim they did it "because you were home". The Strangers unmask themselves off-screen and stab Kristen and James to death, before fleeing after killing the couple, but not before collecting a pamphlet on Christian Living.

The Strangers: Prey at NightEdit


  • She is the only Stranger to have been unmasked.
  • The way of her teasing Kinsey with the keys is a homage to Scream when Ghostface did the keys very similarly.

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