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Donald and Edith Myers (also known as Peter Thomas and Margaret Myers) are characters in the Halloween franchise. Born in 1926, they very rarely appear in the Halloween series and are the parents of Judith and serial killer Michael Myers.

Their first apperence is in the original Halloween where they arrive home on Halloween 1963 to find Michael with a kitchen knife in a catatonic state.

A more indepth understanding of the parents and the Myers family is found in the Halloween novel released in 1979. In the novel Michaels maternal grandmother has concerns for him as he states he can hear voices. There is also discussion between the grandmother and Michael's mother about Michael's great-grandfather who apparently committed some sort of undescribed violent act. "I think there are enough similarities," says the concerned mother.

In Halloween 2 it is revealed that both parents were killed in July 1965 on their way home to Haddonfield, Illinois from seeing Michael at Smith's Grove Warren County Sanitarium, resulting in their youngest child and daughter Laurie being secretly adopted by their close friends, Morgan and Pamela Strode. The parents do not make a visual appearance in Halloween 2, but they do were mentioned by Marion Whittington

Their second appearance is in the 2002 Halloween Resurrection on a rare, alternate deleted scene of a barbecue in late 1962. The deleted scene is assumed to be an 8mm film from the era. The clip features Johnny Angel, a popular song in 1962. The deleted scene also features on the Halloween, 25 Years of terror documentary.

In the 2007 remake of Halloween, only the mother appears and plays a more significant role. Known in this film as Deborah Myers, she appears quite different to the original mother in the original Halloween. The father is said to have died in the early 1990s.

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