Dr. Christopher Meddows was portrayed by Joe Seneca in The Blob.

Biography Edit

Dr. Meddows is the scientist responsible for the bio-weapons experiment in space that created The Blob.

After the satellite that created it fell on Earth as a result of this experiment, he, together with a special team of scientists and soldiers, who are protected with special protection suits and who acted under his command, salvaged it under a cover of being a biological containment team who has to salvage a dangerous meteorite from outer space.

Through Brian he later found out, how the experiment in space created The Blob. He wanted to study it as a possible weapon in a possible future war against the Soviets and was prepared to sacrifice the town for that, if necessary.

When Meddows found out, that Brian Flagg knew and returned to town to protect his girlfriend and the town from him and The Blob, he decided to murder him for that. The attempt failed.

During a standoff with him, in which he still tried to murder him, he later became another victim of the Blob. He was devoured like the others.

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