Dr. George Harris is played by Richard Widmark in the movie Coma.

Biography Edit

To the world Dr. George Harris was the head of a hospital in Boston, the Boston Memorial Hospital. To very few he was also the leader of a criminal organisation that was committing illegal organ trafficking.

In order to get the organs, he, from time to time, puts a patient in the hospital into a coma with carbon monoxide in Operation Room 8 and then makes sure that they are taken to the Jefferson Institute, so that the organs can be taken away from his victims by the people there and sold for a lot of money.

He justifies it under the argument, that it has to be done in the name of the greater good, in which the individual, in comparison, is secondary and since society does not decide as it should in these matters, experts, like him, have therefore the right to do that with the implicit approval of society

When the murders are exposed by Dr. Susan Wheeler, he tries to murder her in OR-8 too by poisoning her with a drug and then, under a lie, operate her there so that she is killed the same way like his other victims. Dr. Mark Bellows, however, realises what is going on because she talked to him about it before that and saves her life. Then he has him arrested for his murders by the police. He'll probably go to prison for the rest of his life for the multiple murders he committed.

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