Dr. Jim McKeever was portrayed by Charles Durning in the 1978 horror film The Fury.

Biography Edit

Dr. Jim McKeever is the head of the Paragon Institute in Chicago. There he investigates psychics and their abilities together with his associates. His most important associate is Dr. Lindstrom.

However, the Paragon Institute is also, in secret, a cover for the activities of the secret service under the leadership of Ben Childress in their quest to find powerful psychics and kidnap them for their own purposes in order to turn them into weapons in the service of the United States. He plays along with their evil game, though he doesn't like it. He knows what they did to Robin Sandza and tries to protect Gillian Bellaver, when he realizes, she is also a powerful psychic but to no avail, because they guard and watch the place and therefore also know about her abilities and therefore intend to do the same stunt to her.

Still he plays along with it anyway. It is unclear what happens to him after Gillian escapes from the institute, when she found out what was going on there.

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