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You are a... beautiful, beautiful butterfly.
Dr. Gediman to the approaching Alien hybrid

Dr. Jonathan Gediman was played by Brad Dourif in the film Alien Resurrection.

Biography[edit | edit source]

He is an eccentric scientist, who teams up with Dr. Mason Wren in order to create the Alien Queen from a clone of Ripley.

Together with him and other scientists, he creates Ripley so that the Alien Queen can be created after cloning her seven times. When the Ripley clone, known as Ripley 8, was fully matured, Gediman himself performed the operation to surgically remove the chestburster.

He agreed with Wren's decision to keep Ripley alive for further study because of her adult memories regarding Ripley and her superhuman strength, which he assumes must have been caused by the alien blood in her body. His duties are then split between observing Ripley and watching the Queen grow.

In his obsession, he loses touch with reality regarding the threat of these creatures to the extent of even playing with them and also plays a role in the kidnapping and killing of thirteen people, so that Aliens can be hatched from them in the hopes of exploiting these creatures in the name of progress and new weapons.

When the Aliens fled after sacrificing one of them, he was taken prisoner for the purpose of giving the future Alien hybrid the Alien Queen intended to breed the food it needed to survive after its birth. That's how he was able to personally witness its birth.

He was killed by the Alien hybrid after its birth.

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