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Dr. Mason Wren
Mason Wren


Portrayed by
J. E. Freeman

Dr. Mason Wren is played by J.E. Freeman in the movie Alien Resurrection.

Biography Edit

I wish you could understand what we're trying to do here. The potential for this species goes way beyond urban pacification. New alloys, new vaccines. Nothing like this we've ever seen on any world before.
Dr. Wren to Ripley 8
He is the leading scientist of the clone project with the purpose of creating an Alien Queen. He is obsessed with the project. He creates Ripley by cloning in order to hatch the Alien Queen. He succeeds after seven failed attempts and decides to leave Ripley 8 alive once this is done for further study while watching the Alien Queen grow because of her behaving like an adult caused by the alien DNA still inside her.

He arranged the kidnapping of thirteen people in order to create aliens through them killing them on the way. He indirectly also caused the deaths of many others on the way. Still he saw it as acceptable to control the creature and its unique characteristics.

He and one soldier followed the pirates after the Xenomorph outbreak. The last of his breeding victims still alive met them and joined them, too in a last ditch attempt to save himself. Later he betrayed and tried to murder them together with the soldier in order to reach the Betty, get away and bring the Auriga to Earth so that the outbreak could be controlled this way without the aliens being killed. His plan was foiled by Annalee. Still he did not give up and tried to achieve it through violence against them all.

He was killed by his last living victim in the final standoff. He made sure the chestburster would kill him, too, on his way out.

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