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No, I'm not afraid. I'm a scientist. I'm head of my department. It's just that there are priorities, and... some things are more important than a few lives.
Mengers to Maggie

Dr. Mengers was played by Barbara Steele in the movie Piranha.


She was once the lover of Dr. Hoak and worked in the same field like him. She viewed him as a dreamer. Now she works for the government and acts as as an advisor of Colonel Waxman.

When they are informed by Paul and Maggie, what has happened regarding the release of the piranhas, she, like Colonel Waxman, wants to keep the piranhas alive for future wars and underestimates them, when they try to kill them. Additionally she was also prepared to endanger lots of people in an attempt to keep them a secret while dealing with them and contributes to the massacre by the piranhas later.

After the disaster she becomes responsible for the following investigation assuring the public that the threat is over. It is implied she will blame everything on Colonel Waxman, Paul and Maggie to save herself.

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