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Dr. Peter Dalby is a main character in Reptilicus.

Description Edit

Assistant Of Professor Otto Martens. Works a lot of late hours and eventually Aquarium Dr. Peter Dalby falls asleep with the freezer door open It's Not Peterson Fault thus allowing frozen Reptilicus remains to thaw out. Doh! He has the honor of being

Hearing something, the inquisitive Dalby goes out into the hallway to check on the tail. Seeing a huge shadow moving on the walls of the tank room, the (understandably) fearful professor runs back to the lab to call for help. The phone is dead of course he tells Peterson to jump on his bike and get the cops Dr. Peter Dalby pulls out a pistol and returns to the tank room Reptilicus" escapes the laboratory he attacks Dr. Dalby. Back at the ruined laboratory, we see Professor Otto Martens picks up Dalby’s crushed glasses from the floor, and a sad moment of silence ensues. General Mark Grayson Connie Miller Lise Martens and Captain Brandt are gathered around looking for clues.

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