Dr. William Neir was played by Sam Neill in the movie Event Horizon.

About Edit

He was the scientist, who built the ship Event Horizon, a ship that is able to flight faster than the speed of light by circumventing the rules of physics by using a gravity drive. He is sent with a salvage crew to find out what happened to the ship after it was found seven years later near Neptune.

He is also traumatized because of the death of his wife. It causes him to give in to the wishes of the ship and become his henchman in its quest to kidnap the salvage crew and bring it to the dimension it has flown before, a world of complete chaos and evil that can also be described as hell, where it would end up dead in a real horrible way just like it killed in the same way the previous crew.

In this quest he also kills part of the crewmen, but the captain stops and kills him sacrificing himself on the way, too.

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