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Eddie Caputo
Eddie Caputo
Known aliases

Date of death
November 10, 1988
Victim of
Cause of Death
Explosion: Gas pipe turned on/shot with revolver/house exploded

Portrayed by
Neil Giuntoli

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Edward "Eddie" Caputo was a minor villain and Chucky's second victim in the first Child's Play film. He was Charles Lee Ray's accomplice.


On November 9, 1988, Charles Lee Ray is being pursued by Detective Mike Norris and Jack Santos. Eddie waits for Ray in his getaway van. After Ray is shot in the leg, Eddie decides to bail on him, despite his partner screaming and begging not to leave him.

Later on in the film, Ray (having now transferred into a doll called Chucky) sneaks into Eddie's house, seeking revenge for leaving him to be killed. Chucky pulls out a stove's pilot light, and Eddie fires his gun in defense, causing his house to explode, killing him instantly.

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