Emily McKenna was played by Yvonne Strabovski in the movie The Predator.

Biography Edit

She is the ex-wife of Quinn McKenna, a United States Army sniper to whom she still has distant contact. She is a painter who has made many paintings and, together with Quinn, she has a son. His name is Rory McKenna and she takes care of him. He lives with her and she is also very protective of him.

Her life is turned upside down, when her son becomes the target of both the government and the Predators because of his abilities regarding Predator technology he accidentally was able to posess and use for a while, and when her ex-husband comes with The Loonies to his rescue.

Her house is therefore invaded by them and also suffers destruction because of it, but she, like her son and ex-husband, survives it. Later Emily allows her son to become a researcher for the government regarding the Predator technology they posess under the direct supervision of her ex-husband.

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