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Eric Stark is played by a former child/teen actor Zachery Ty Brian in the film The Rage: Carrie 2.

Biography Edit

Eric is a football team member of the New Bates High School. He took part in the evil sex game, where football team members had to seduce the most and most valuable girls, according to their point of view, in order to win. He also seduced Lisa Parker, an underage girl, committing statutory rape on the way and also, later, her suicide.

He and his friends then take steps to cover up their misdeeds. First they tried to intimidate Rachel Lang, Lisa's best friend and later, after having covered it all up through Eric's father and the Senior D.A., they sought revenge on Rachel, for her cooperation with the authorities which humiliated Eric and which also did put Eric and them in danger of being punished.

It leads later to the Black Party massacre, where Eric accidentally got himself killed by Monica Jones in an erroneous way because of Rachel's wrath and murderous rampage. She erroneously castrated him with a harpoon.

He slowly dies from blood loss.

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