Underworld Erika
Portrayed by
Sophia Myles

Erika is a character in the 2006 film Underworld. She is a Vampire seductress, a social-climbing courtier in Viktor's mansion, obsessed with rising through the ranks of the vampire aristocracy. Her position within the aristocracy is unclear, but she most recently began seeking the attentions of Kraven. She is portrated by Sophia Myles.


Erika would often show her affection for Kraven by being at his side as much as possible and trying to say or do whatever she thought would keep her in his good graces. However, her affections were thwarted by his obsession with Selene. Jealous of his infatuation, she schemed to rid the Coven of Selene. Erika is the one who initially discovers that a human whom Selene is emotionally attached to, Michael Corvin, has been bitten by a Lycan. Erika reacts violently to this, jumping onto the ceiling and hissing at Michael until he flees the mansion. She later reveals what Michael is to Kraven. When Vampire Elder Viktor upsets Kraven, he turns to Erika and drains her of her blood during a sexual tryst. Kraven then leaves the naked Erika on his couch to confront Selene for fleeing the coven when he had ordered her not to. Erika then cuts off the power to the mansion and releases an imprisoned Selene.

After Kraven's scheme to take over the Vampire coven is discovered, he has Erika fetch the silver nitrate gun for him. Erika tries to get into the limousine with Kraven, but he pushes her out and slams the door in her face. Erika is last seen returning to the mansion.

Erika's ultimate fate is left unknown, as Marcus Corvinus destroys the coven in Underworld: Evolution, but it is unknown whether Erika was there at the time or not.