Evil (To Kako)

Official DVD Cover

Evil (also known as Το Κακό in Greek) is 2005 Greek zombie horror film. The film is notable for being the first Greek zombie movie.


Three construction workers discover an abandoned cave and are promptly attacked by a creature not shown on screen. Afterwards, the population of the city of Athens is turned into zombies, while the last remaining group of people attempt to survive.


  • Meletis Georgiadis as Meletis
  • Argiris Thanasoulas as Argyris
  • Pepi Moschovakou as Marina
  • Stavroula Thomopoulou as Dimitra
  • Mary Tsoni as Jenny
  • Andreas Kontopoulos as Lieutenant Vakirtzis
  • Nikos Sambalis as Andreas
  • Yannis Katsambas as Giannis
  • Daphne Larouni as Dafni
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