The Farm Owner is the Main antagonist Of The 2017/2018 horror film, Scarecrows. He is portrayed by Jason J, Thomas.

He is an insane rancher lures unsuspecting people to his farm to mutilate and turn into to his farm’s Scarecrows to protect his crop. He stitched his victims’ mouths shut and dressed them as scarecrows.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

The Farm Owner is a old fashioned farmer. He wears a dirty jacket, brown pants, dirty boots, and a dirty western hat. He also wears a utility belt to hold his “scarecrow making” tools.

He seems to be an ordinary human being other than being insane. He is a master stitcher, however, and quite good at keeping victims up as scarecrows.


He often carries a scythe to threaten or even kill victims. He also uses it to wound. He carries a belt that holds all his equipment. Screwdrivers, Carving Tools, Stitches, Clips, Nails, Staples, and knives are all on his belt of terror.

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