Food of the Gods II is a 1989, stand alone sequel to The Food of the Gods. The film concerns giant rats, and no other giant animals appear this time. The pure cheese factor is also gone.

Plot Edit

A growth hormone experiment is being made in a university. It causes plants and animals to grow tremendously. However, it gets out of hand, when rats receive it and animal activists break into the compund and vandalise it. The rats, who have in the meantime become as big as adults, escape. They begin eating people and wreak havoc on the unsuspecting campus.

The man responsible for the experiment, Dr. Neil Hamilton manages, however, to set a trap for them and then they are killed by the police.

Cast Edit

  • Paul Coufos as Dr. Neil Hamilton
  • Lisa Schrage as Alex Reed
  • Colin Fox as Prof. Edmund Delhurst
  • Frank Pellegrino as Joshua
  • Jackie Burroughs as Dr. Kate Travis
  • Réal Andrews as Mark Hales
  • Stuart Hughes as Al
  • Karen Hines as Angie
  • David B. Nichols as Dean White
  • Michael Copeman as Lieutenant Weizel

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