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Gibb Smith was a Springwood teenager and friend of Lori Campbell. She is in an emotionally abusive relationship with her boyfriend Trey who is later killed by Jason Voorhees. She is the fifth falling victim of the Freddy vs. Jason killing spree to die.

Gibb was portrayed by Katharine Isabelle.

Biography Edit

Gibb is introduced at the start of Freddy vs Jason as an alcoholic and smoker who has little to no interest in quitting either habit.

When her boyfriend Trey and their friend Blake arrive, Gibb and Trey scurry off to have sex in one of the bedrooms, soon after, Gibb takes a shower and Jason murders Trey.

Gibb and the rest of her friends run out in the rain for help, soon arriving at the police station Gibb is taken in solo for questioning.

The next morning at school, Gibb and Kia tell a distressed Lori that Blake and his father were also murdered. Gibb then asks them to come to a rave at night.

During the party, Gibb has one too many beers and passes out. Freddy, in the disguise of Trey, asks her to follow him so he can lure her off and kill her.

Gibb enters the barn and is stalked by Freddy, the barn slowly morphing into a makeshift of her highschool and Freddy's furnace.

Upon falling off a catwalk in her nightmare, Gibb hides inside a locker, only for Freddy to rip the door off and prepare to stab her, but before he can do so, Jason kills her (and the partygoer raping her), Gibb's body vanishes from the dream afterward.

During the ensuing chaos of Jason destroying the rave, Lori and the gang find Gibb's body which they quickly mourn before escaping.

Gibb's body is later seen floating around in a "closet" containing bodies of Jason's other victims when Freddy digs deeper into Jason's mind after turning him into a child in the dream world.

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