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Glen Lantz
Known relatives
Mr. Lantz (father)
Mrs. Lantz (mother)
Unnamed older sibling (Deceased)
Year of birth
c. 1964

Year of death
Victim of
Cause of Death
Dragged in bed/slashed, blood loss

Portrayed by

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Glen Lantz (1964-1981) is a fictional character from the A Nightmare on Elm Street series of films. He was portrayed by Johnny Depp in A Nightmare on Elm Street in what was his acting debut.

Johnny Depp also appeared in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, although his only appearance was a cameo.


Glen Lantz was a student at Springwood High who was going out with Nancy Thompson. In 1981, Glen, Nancy, and their friends Tina Grey and Rod Lane started having nightmares about a creepy man in a red and green sweater covered in burns and scars with a glove on his right hand with knives on the fingers. One night, while the four teens were sleeping at Tina's house, the man appeared in her dreams and killed Tina, the injuries appearing in the waking world as well.

After Nancy came to the realisation that the man in her dreams was Freddy Krueger, she asked Glen to stay awake and act as a guard while she slept, so that if she started acting strange, Glen could wake her up. However, when Nancy fell asleep and was attacked by Freddy, Glen fell asleep. Luckily for Nancy, she awoke from her nightmare in time, and was mad at Glen for not following her instructions.

One night, Nancy is locked inside her house by her drunken mother, who also placed bars on the windows to prevent Nancy from running away. Glen falls aleep in his bedroom because he is exhausted. His father left the phone off the receiver, therefore would be no calls. He didn't want Glen to be assosiated with Nancy because he thinks she is a bad influence.

Unfortunately, Glen is sucked into his bed and killed. From the hole in his bed spouts a massive torrent of blood. (In a deleted scene, Glen's bloody/mutilated body comes down through all the mess. Depp reportedely did his own stunt for this scene.) At the end of the movie, Nancy gets her friends and mother back, but she doesn't really get them back at all. The happy ending is actually not really happening. Freddy then returns to take over the body of Jesse Walsh.

Trivia Edit

  • In a deleted scene, Glen's body comes down through all the mess. Depp reportedly did his own stunt for this scene.

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