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I learned a lot about myself...I know I'm not alone...I know I'm not a freak...And even though we had our differences...I know my dad really loved me...
― Glen Ray

Glen Ray, also known as "Glen Tilly" is the main protagonist of Seed of Chucky; unlike his parents, they are a good and meek doll.

Glen is a character, in Child's Play horror film series, with the original screenplay credited to Don Mancini. They are played by Billy Boyd, making them the only living doll character not to be voiced by an Academy Award-nominee. their human form is played by Beans El-Balawi. They are also named Glenda Ray, As they are gender fluid, and this is shown to create two seperate personalities.


Bride of Chucky[]

Glen appears in the last scene of the movie a few moments before Tiffany went back to her lifeless state. The detective who received Tiffany's dead body, screams in horror as a red, bloody, sharp-toothed baby appears, screeching, and attacks him. Although Glen is known as nice, Glenda may have done that.

Seed of Chucky[]

Human Glen

Glen is later learned to have been picked up by an English man known as Psychs, who uses Glen as part of his ventriloquist act. However, they are living a life of embarrassment and abuse. One night, they see a behind the scenes on television of an upcoming movie based on Chucky and Tiffany. They realize that they are their parents based on the "made on Japan" print on their arms. They escape from Psychs and travel to Hollywood. Upon tracking down their parents, now dummies in one of Jennifer Tilly's films, Glen uses a voodoo amulet (the "Heart of Damballa" from the previous film) to bring them back to life. When Chucky found out Glen is actually his child, he faints. When Chucky and Tiffany can't agree on the gender of their child, Chucky believes they're a boy, even comforting him and he also gives them the name Glen. Chucky arranges a "boys' night out" for him and Glen. With Glen working the pedals and Chucky steering, the two hijack a car and Chucky encourages Glen to put their full weight on the pedal so he crashes into Britney Spear’s car. The photographer that took the pictures of Chucky, Jennifer Tilly and Redman was Chucky's next victim. Glen tries to stop him, but the photographer is startled by Glen's appearance and hits a shelf where sulphuric acid falls on him, burning & quickly killing him. Chucky is thrilled by this and sets up a camera to take picture of them beside the dead photographer. As soon Tiffany discovers the photo, she is furious. But Chucky states that Glen is "the most promising killer" he's ever seen and Tiffany should have been proud of him. Chucky believes she's "poisoning our son's mind with her 12 step bull****." He also calls Glen a "multi-talented kid". Notice he says "kid", not "son", this could mean a part of him maybe accepting the fact that he may have a daughter. This was shown when Glen and Chucky were fighting in the hospital and Chucky was hit in the chest with his axe. He first thought it was Glenda who attacked him, but was in fact Glen. At the end of the film, when Glen has killed Chucky, They still have the photograph Chucky himself took five years earlier and is happily looking at it. Glen's hair style also resembles Chucky’s as a human, they also have red wild hair. However Glen gets present and opens it seeing Chucky's dismembered arm. Chucky's arm then reaches up and grabs Glen by their throat. Their fate is then unknown. However they are known to be alive, as in the lastest continuance of the story, Glens mother, Tiffany, mentions them, and uses a gift that was given to them to blow up a house.


Glen was completely opposite from their father Chucky and Glenda. Even though they were Chucky's child, who was cruel, malevolent and sadistic, Glen is strikingly meek, kind and compassionate. Their parents had their different reactions to his gentle nature. Chucky felt so disappointed to have a son who's not a "killer" as him, whilst Tiffany, who was ashamed of being a murderer, felt so proud of having a child with no intention of killing. At one point, Psychs, a famous ventriloquist, tells his story to everyone that the "fucker" (they called Glen in the Ventriloquist Competition), tried to rip his throat out, which was in fact, Glenda was the one who did it, not glen.)

Notwithstanding they're only around six years old, he is quiet mature for his age. Their type of speech is far more similar to a grown up adult, thus makes them an intelligent child.

They can be naive, however. After the family conversation, They believed that his father and mother kept their promise not to kill anymore, which they both broke almost immediately. They admits this "was tearing apart" the relationship between them and their parents when they learned that both of his parents lied to each other. At the ending scene during their 5th birthday as a human, they believed that their father 'really' loved him, even though they knew he was going to kill them back in the hospital. They can also be frightened very easily, causing them to pee their pants frequently and a twitch in their left eye. This was possibly due to the combination of harsh childhood in the hands of Ventriloquist, their isolation from the society, the confusion in their gender and their discovery of his parents' true identities. Yet on the other hand, they can become enraged whenever loved ones are in trouble or being hurt or killed. For instance when Tiffany was killed cruelly by Chucky, Glen fought back and did not hesitate to chop their fathers limbs one by one in a screaming rage.

Even though they grew up in abuse and humiliation, Glen never lost their good attitude, which is also contrast to Chucky. When encountering strangers, they were very polite. The respectful words such as "Pardon me," or "Excuse me" were common for them. If they did a mistake, either their own cause or their parents' cause, they would intently apologize.

Unlike Chucky, who loses temper quickly when being wronged, Glen didn't show any despise and hatred towards to others. Even the people who surround them were usually hurtful, including Psychs, who named them "Shitface" (due to his unattractive appearance), they never showed any signs of wanting vengeance.

Due to their immense love and prolonged desire of having a family, they never left Chucky and Tiffany in spite of their wrongdoings, even crying to their father's mutilated body after they dismembered him with an axe.

On contrary, there might be possible changes in personality when they become mature.

Other appearances[]

The special features of the Seed of Chucky DVD also include Chucky and Tiffany being interviewed by the Fusion interviewer to promote the movie, and on the section "Conceiving the Seed of Chucky", Chucky, Tiffany, Glen, the cast and makers of the film are also interviewed.

Though they have not been mentioned directly, since the movie series after Seed. In the new series Chucky, Chucky uses his "children" as a way for Jake Wheeler to gain his trust. He mentions he has " queer kid", its his acceptance that surprises Jake; who's father was extreme opposite. To which he asks he has a kid. Chucky responds "genderfluid." Most likely meaning Glen or both twins considering their conception. A surprised Jake asks if he really is okay with his "kid", to which he calmly replies "I'm not a monster Jake". They are also mentioned later in the show, with Tiffany using They/Them pronouns to go along with the gender-fluid identity that was hinted during Seed, and the previous mention by Chucky.

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