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Greer was a part of the crew of the Arctic Warrior in Ghost Ship. He served under the captain Sean Murphy. He had a fiancee who he would marry in a few weeks after the event of the film.


Greer participated on rescue of many abondoned ships with his crew. He was the most reluctant to go saving SS Antonia Graza from the whole crew as they were on the sea for a longer time and he should marry quite soon. In the end, he agreed with the others as well.

During the first research of the ship, he stayed behind on the Arctic Warrior with Jack Ferriman as he did not have any experience with rescuing of the ship. He wanted to alert the coast guard about the discovery of the ship, but Murphy ordered him not to do it.

When they started to repair the ship, he was partnered with Murphy at first, but later he was working alone in the ballroom where he noticed the portrait of Francesca for the first time. He was impressed by her appearance but he insisted that his girlfriend is prettier. During the research, he heard her singing and he tried to follow this voice as he was confused what it is going on.

When they found the gold, he wanted to take it and leave the ship, as he was feeling that something is wrong on the ship. He mentioned his experience with hearing the voice of Francesca to others, but they did not take it seriously. When the Arctic Warrior was destroyed after the explosion of the engine, he was saved by Epps but he was frustrated by the fact that they are imprisoned on the ship without anybody knowing about it. He seemed to blame Murphy who prevented him in informing of the cost guard.

Epps, Dodge and Munder wanted to repair Antonia Graza, but Greer was against the plan, he wanted to make a raft and leave the ship as soon as possible. He was angry that his plan was not accepted, he even attacked Munder. After this incident he separated himself from the others and he was drinking in the ballroom.

Suddenly, the ballroom transformed back into its appearance from 1962 with present guests and members of the crew. Francesca asked him about the dance and she started to seduce him. He was OK with it, as he did not consider it to be cheating on his fiancee when Francesca was not real. He followed her after the ship with the intention to have sex with her and she led him to the elavator shalf. As he wanted to touch her, he passed though her and fell into the elevator shaft to his death. His dead body was later found by Epps.

As he was a sinner, his soul was marked for hell by Jack Ferriman.

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