Hannah, Queen of the Vampires (original title La tumba de la isla maldita) (a.k.a. Crypt of the Living Dead and Vampire Woman) is a 1973 Spanish/American horror film directed by Julio Salvador with additional footage directed by Ray Danton and starring Andrew Prine, Teresa Gimpera, Mark Damon and Patty Shepard.

Plot Edit

A vampire, (Teresa Gimpera), entombed on a remote island is accidentally awakened and beings of terrorize the island's inhabitants.

Cast Edit

  1. Andrew Prine - Chris Bolton
  2. Patty Shepard - Mary
  3. Mark Damon - Peter
  4. Teresa Gimpera - Hannah
  5. Franl Braña - Abdul Hamid
  6. Jack La Rue, Jr. - Adnan
  7. Ihsan Gedik - The Wild Man
  8. Edward Walsh - Ali
  9. John Alderman - First Fisherman
  10. Daniel Martín - Gero
  11. Mariao García Rey - Prof. Bolton

Release Edit

The film was released on DVD by VCI in June 2001.

Reception Edit

Rotten Tomatoes offers no critical Tomatometer, but the aduience score is a low 29% approval.

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