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Harold Hockett was a character in the 1982 horror film Friday the 13th Part III. He was the husband of Edna Hockett. He was the 10th victim of Jason Voorhees. He was portrayed by Steve Susskind.


In 1984, Harold, while returning home, accidentally knocks over one of the support poles holding up the laundry, causing his wife Edna to berate him from a window. After being yelled at, Harold enter the shop and sets about feeding his pet fish, eating some of the fish food himself, until he realizes it contains day fly eggs. After feeding his fish, Harold finds one of his pet rabbits playing among the produce bins and grabs, setting off to put it with the rest of the rabbits, though before doing so Harold samples some of his own products. Caught in the midst of chowing down on some donuts, Harold is chastised by his wife, who reminds him that the doctor told him to lose weight before sending him off to put his rabbit back.

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Going to the barn, Harold, seeing something has gotten into the rabbit pen and killed one of his pets in cold blood, puts down the rabbit he was carrying and goes to investigate. Looking into the rabbit pen, Harold is scared off by a snake and, rushing back to the shop, passes Edna and heads for the washroom. While using the toilet, Harold, feeling as if he is being watched, gets up and goes to look around. Turning on the lights, Harold opens the doors and looks around, and is struck in the chest by a cleaver-wielding Jason Voorhees. In the morning, Harold's body and his wife's body are found and moved by paramedics.

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