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Edith Rose Sawyer
Known aliases
Heather Miller
Known relatives
Grandpa Sawyer (Great-grandfather)
Jedidiah "Jed" Sawyer (cousin/uncle)
Loretta Sawyer (Mother)
Drayton Sawyer (Great-Uncle/grandfather)
Boss Sawyer (Great-uncle)
Nubbins Sawyer (Uncle/cousin)
Year of birth
Portrayed by

Heather Miller is the Final girl of Texas Chainsaw 3DShe travels to Texas to collect an inheritance, unaware that the chainsaw-wielding Leatherface is part of the "reward". Leatherface kills all of Heather's friends, until she finds out that Leatherface is her cousin. Upon this revelation, she joins forces with him and becomes though she does not necessarily go evil or as maniac as many of her past relatives. She's left in a gray area, some forced by the feud caused by those that hated her birth family. Or those that hurt her, such as her abusive foster parents.