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Helen is a side character in Night Of The Demons, the inaugural version. Unfortunately, lists among the victims of the massacre at Hull House. She is portrayed by Allison Barron.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Helen is seen as a distressed character, friends with Rodger and Stooge. She's in senior high school. On the night of Halloween, Helen along with Rodger and Stooge head to the Hull House, to attend a party thrown by Angela Franklin. She is later becomes vexed when they had to walk to the Hull House and abandon Stooge's punctured car.

Hull House[edit | edit source]

Helen didn't consider Hull House, the most appropriate of venues and was quite frightened during her time in the party. She also brought a party strobe light, from her mother's closet.

During the mirror seance, Helen was the lone person to caught sight of the Hull House Demon, petrified began to weep in Judy's arms. Prior to the ritual, Helen forewarns the party goers about the uncertainty that this ritual may cause, as spirits dwell the earth, on Halloween.

After the crew split up, Rodger and Helen are handed the car keys and strive to find the exit, to their shock, the gate vanished.

Terror struck, Rodger and Helen argue. Astonishingly, Helen disappears, leaving Rodger to ponder. Helen's dead body tosses on Angela's car (with Rodger inside), the circumstance of her death are unknown but it's likely that she was a victim of the diabolic haunting. Helen later resurrects as a demon but is soon burned at dawn.

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