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I Was a Teenage Frankenstein (a.k.a. Teenage Frankenstein) is a film starring Whit Bissell, Phyllis Coates and Dary Conway released by American International Pictures (AIP) in November 1957 as a double feature with Blood of Dracula It is the follow-up to AIP's box office hit I Was a Teenage Werewolf released less than five months earlier Both films later received a sequel in the fictional crossover How to Make a Monster released in July 1958 The film stars Whit Bissell, Phyllis Coates, Robert Burton, Gary Conway and George Lynn.


Professor Frankenstein (Whit Bissel), a guest lecturer from England, talks Dr. Karlton (Robert Burton) into becoming an unwiling accomplice in his secret plan to actually assemble a human being from the parts of different cadavers. After recovering a body from a catastrophic automoblie wreck, Professor Frankenstein takes the body to his laboratory-morgue, where in various drawers he keeps spare parts of human beings. The Professor also enlists the aid of Margaret (Phyllis Coates), as his secretary, to keep all callers away from the laboratory. 

Margaret, becoming suspicious of what is going on, decides to investigte and goes down to the morgue. She is panic-stricken the monster (Gary Conway), who has been activated following the grafting of a new leg and arm. She dares not tell the Professor about her feelings and keeps silent for the present. On a couple of occasions, the professor takes discarded human body parts...and feeds them to an alligator concealed in a hidden chamber.

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