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Ian McKinley was a survivor of the Devil's Flight rollercoaster in Final Destination 3. He was a school goth and the boyfriend of Erin Ulmer. He was one of the students aboard the Devil's Flight, who was removed due to the fight. Ian contributed a number of important theories relating to Death. He was the seventh survivor to die. Ian is played by Kris Lemche.


Ian lived in McKinley, Pennsylvania. Like his girlfriend Erin, he was intelligent, skeptical and sarcastic. Ian and Erin celebrated at the amusement park for their field trip. Him and Erin work together at the local Build it store. The two even call each other pet names, Erin calls him Zip and Ian calls her Pip.


During the celebration, Ian met up Kevin, Wendy and Julie, where he planned to cause Wendy's death for the death of Erin. Wendy told Ian that if he didn't kill her, Death's list would thrown out of whack and all of the survivors would live. However, since Ian's death was already intervened, he didn't care and still planned to kill her. A set of fireworks lauched at Ian, narrowly missing him and hitting the cherry picker behind him. Ian realized he's not going die and that Wendy was next on the list. Suddenly, the cherry picker behind Ian malfunctioned and came crashing to the ground. Ian looked up at the falling platform and a few seconds later, it brutally crushed him in half. His surviving half of his body was seen on the ground as a bloody mess while his arm twitched to Wendy, Kevin and Julie.


  • The cherry picker that killed Ian appeared in the opening sequence of The Final Destination.
  • According to the making of Final Destination 3 Ian was going to be called Logan.
  • Ian's death is very similar to Tim Carpenter (Final Destination 2) and Candice Hooper's (Final Destination 5) deaths, as all three involve severe bending of the spine.
  • Ian is similar to Billy Hitchcock and Peter Friedkin:
    • Ian insults Wendy that she is next, the same manner that Billy insults Carter.
    • Ian's girlfriend Erin dies and he became paranoid, same as Peter did.
    • He, Billy and Peter have the same personality. They are sarcastic.

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