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Iced is a 1988 American slasher film directed by Jeff Kwitny and written by Joseph Alan Johnson. 

Plot Edit

List of deaths Edit

No. Name Cause of Death Killer On Screen Notes
1. Jeff Stinson Fall from cliff,lands on rocks N/A Yes Accident
2. Eddie Flattened by snow plough Alex Bourne Yes
3. John Ski-stick shoved through neck Alex Bourne Yes
4. Diane Stabbed in the eye with icicle Alex Bourne Yes
5. Jeanette Electrocuted in hot tub Alex Bourne Yes
6. Carl Caught in bear trap,Frozen alive in snow,Found dead Alex Bourne Yes
7. Alex Bourne Stabbed with knife,Shot with handgun,Fall from window,Lands on ground Trina MacGyver,Cory MacGyver Yes
8. Trina MacGyver Unknown Alex Bourne Yes Debatable

Cast Edit

  • Debra De Liso as Trina (credited as Debra DeLiso)
  • Doug Stevenson as Cory
  • Ron Kologie as Carl
  • Elizabeth Gorcey as Diane
  • John C. Cooke as John
  • Joseph Alan Johnson as Alex Bourne
  • Dan Smith as Jeff Stinson
  • Michael Picardi as Eddie
  • Lisa Loring as Jeanette
  • Sharon Bingham as Suzanne

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