Inspector burke

inspector burke in disguise

Inspector Burke is a character from the 1927 film London After Midnight.

Biography Edit

Sir Roger Balfour is found shot to death in his home. Inspector Burke (Lon Chaney, Sr.) of Scotland Yard is called in to investigate. The suspects are Williams (the butler), Sir James Hamlin (Henry B. Walthall) and his nephew, Arthur Hibbs (Conrad Nagel). A suicide note is found and the case is supposedly closed.

Five years later, the old residence of Balfour is taken up by a man in a beaver-skin hat, with large fangs and gruesome, sunken eyes. His assistant is a ghostly woman, with flowing robes and raven black hair. Could it be Balfour, returned from the dead?

the man with sunken eyes turns out to be ispector burke in disguise and it was sir james that shot balfour. London after midnight is a lost film cause the only known copys destroyed in a 1965 fire at a film studio and there remains only this ten second fragment

Videos Edit

London After Midnight

London After Midnight

possibly the only surviving clip from London After Midnight (1927)

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