Iraq (Arabic: al-'Iraq; Kurdish: Eraq), officially known as the Republic of Iraq (Arabic: Jumhuriyyat al-'Iraq; Kurdish: Komari Eraq), is a country in the western region of Asia and the Middle East. It is the fifty-eighth largest country in the world by area and the thirty-sixth most populous, with over 38 million inhabitants and at 438,317 square kilometers (169,235 square miles).

Iraq is borded to the north by Turkey, to the west by Syria, to the east by Iran, to the southeast by Kuwait, to the south by Saudi Arabia, and to the southwest by Jordan.

The country's main ethnic groups are Arabs and Kurds, with Armenians, Assyrians, Circassians, Kawliya, Mandeans, Shabakis, Turkmen and Yazidis also present. Iraq's official languages are Arabic and Kurdish. The country has a coastline measuring 58 kilometers (36 miles) on the northern Persian Gulf.

The capital and largest city is Baghdad. According to the 2003 census, 89% of Iraq's population are Muslims, with 65% of the population being Shiites and 37% being Sunnis. Christianity and Yadizism are also present. 3.0% of the country's population are Christians and 2.0% are Yazidis.

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  • Mesopotamia
  • Upper Mesopotamia


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