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Isabelle was portrayed by Alice Braga in the movie Predators.

Biography Edit

She was a sniper in the service of the Israeli Defence Forces. She was kidnapped by the Predators to an alien world in order to use her like others for hunting purposes because of her killing skills. She joins the others, who also were kidnapped and demonstrates she is the one with the good heart among the group. She knew about the existence of the Predators through a report of the Israelis, who knew about the encounter of Schaefer´s team in Central America in 1987.

When they find the place full of trophies and with a Predator hung in the tree, she remembered what she knew and told the others. She and Royce were the only ones who survived the hunting. They also in the end develop feelings for each other after having dealt with the immediate threat.

Still they are on the planet and are trying to find a way to return to Earth while new "prey" begin to appear again on the planet.

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