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It: Chapter Two
You'll Float Again
Directed By
Andy Muschietti
Produced By
Barbara Muschietti,
Dan Lin,
Roy Lee,
Seth Grahame-Smith,
David Katzenberg
Written By
Gary Dauberman
Cheeco Varese
Editing By
Jason Ballantine

Produced By
New Line Cinema,
Village Roadshow Pictures,
Vertigo Entertainment,
Distributed By
Warner Bros. Pictures
Release Date(s)
September 6, 2019
Flag of the United States United States
Preceded By
It (2017)

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It: Chapter Two is a 2019 horror film and a sequel to the first part of It, based on the book It by Stephen King. While the first part was about the children, this film is set 27 years later and features the adults versions, while the children return for flashback sequences.

The film is scheduled to be released on Sep, 6th, 2019, almost two years after the release of the first film.

Plot Edit

Riche is revealed gay at the end.

Mike lies about the Ritual of Chud.

It is revealed Bill lied about being sick to Georgie in Chapter One not wanting to play with Georgie instead. This makes Bill fill guilty.

Pennywise’s final form is a lovecraftian clown spider.

Eddie is stabbed by Pennywise‘s claw.

Dean is eaten in the mirror maze.

Stanley slits his wrists in a bathtub committing suicide.

Pennywise is killed by his heart being smashed

Cast Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Bill Skarsgård has stated that he had more fun on set during this film because he was actually able to talk to and hang out with his adult co-stars. Skarsgård had minimal contact with his child co-stars in Chapter One so that they would be more genuinely scared of Pennywise once they saw him.
  • It: Chapter Two is rumored to include a scene that was cut from the first film. The scene is set back in the 1600's and has Pennywise devour a human baby. This scene was cut from the film because it was extremely dark and disturbing.

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