Jacob was a major character and titular main antagonist in the 2013 slasher Hazmat. He is portrayed by Norbert Velez.

Bio Edit

Jacob had recently lost his father in a factory, which he believes is haunted. After this he had become quite the creep. His best friend Adam believes that scaring him with this factory may turn Jacob back to normal. Hoping to get his friend back, Adam hires a struggling reality show called Scary Antics to scare him. In the factory that, Adam, a couple of his friends and the show’s crew tag along. Most of the crew is held up in an office.

A crewman fully dresses in a hazmat suit to scare Jacob. Believing it to be more than a prank, Jacob grabs a near by axe and kills the crewman in self defense. Jacob then seemingly snaps, donning the hazmat suit and mask and continuing to kill everyone else in the factory.

Near the end of the film, the final girl gets into a fight with Jacob. During the struggle, she removes Jacob‘s mask to reveal his face and head have become disfigured and corpse-like, implying that he is possessed, and that the plant really is haunted. Brenda incapacitates Jacob, and reaches the other exit she was looking for, but before she can escape the recovered Jacob pulls her back inside, and hacks her to pieces.

Abilities Edit

Jacob was once an ordinary man, but after his possession, he seemed to be a beast. He is extremely strong and wields an old fire axe.

Victims Edit

Name Cause of Death On Screen
Tim Axed In Chest Yes
Adam Axed In Stomach No
Carla Hit in head with axe Yes
Ed Arm cut off/ axed in stomach Yes
Steven Hacked in head with axe Yes
David Decapitated with axe No
Gary Stabbed in Eye with spike edge of axe Yes
Melanie Hand cut off/ throat slit with axe Yes
Brenda Hacked up With Axe No

Gallery/Videos Edit

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Hazmat (2013) Carnage Count

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